Monday, February 26, 2007

Lifting the Veil : Prelude

My friends, I apologise for the harsh nature of my last posting. I do not believe in genocide - annihilating an entire group of people, harming civilians, harming children etc. I make no excuse for my last posting. It was written in anger & frustration at the helplessness I feel (which I'm sure many of you share) at the world spiraling into an abyss.

These past few weeks since I attended the War Crimes Conference in KL, I have plunged further & further into darkness. For the first 4 nights since the Conference started, I could not sleep at all. Till this day, when I can finally fall asleep at night, I have nightmares of what's going on in Iraq. I hear the shrieking of the children being sodomised by the American soldiers in front of their mothers, the screams of the men whose genitals are bitten off by the dogs the American soldiers unleash upon them whilst they stand before them naked with their hands bound behind their heads, the cries of the Iraqi women being defiled & tortured by the American soldiers.... yes America's brave.... the more I read about it to find out more about what's going on out there, the more I spiral downwards into darkness. I feel their pain, their helplessness, their despair, their hatred, their anger... The women prisoners in Abu Ghraib send messages to their brothers & fathers begging them to come & kill them for they have been defiled by the American soldiers.

Why do they do this? Why do they inflict these barbaric acts on the people of Iraq. The answer is simple. They want to humiliate & subjugate the Arab people. They want to humiliate and subjugate the Muslims. They do not see them as human beings. They see them as creatures to be hated, to be tormented, to be exterminated ... I, myself, despite many years of deep contemplation, fell into this trap - the straw that broke the camel's back for me was - when I read about the children (boys of 13 & 15) held & tortured in Guantanamo Bay, the children in Abu Ghraib (who were arrested with their mothers) being brutally sodomised by the American soldiers whilst the other soldiers watched and filmed the whole thing... all these pictures taken, all these films they took are kept by the American government. Read Seymour Hersh's articles in the New Yorker. Read John Pilger's articles on Iraq. These are investigative journalists who are Pulitzer Prize winners. If you cannot believe what they write then you may as well spend the rest of your lives buried in all the lies the mainstream media churns out to keep your life idyllic. Do your own research. Open your eyes.

The Conference ripped apart the veils that covered my vision from this darkness, this evil which surrounds us. We are not so far away that we cannot feel their pain. We are not separate from each other. I can feel the pain of the mother who has to watch her child shrieking in pain & terror whilst the soldiers sodomise him - I can feel it as though he is my own child. What kind of evil is this that has descended upon us? What kind of people are these who would welcome their soldiers back as heroes - who have committed these heinous despicable acts? What kind of society is it that has deteriorated so much that they refuse to acknowledge the brutality caused by their people on the rest of the world? A society which feels that it has the right to safety, security, wealth above all other people. A society which feels that it has a right to the pursuit of happiness at the expense of the rest of the world. Satan could not have dreamt of an act so evil as those which these people have committed.

I was drowning in this darkness, in this anger & hatred for weeks and as I read more & more, I could only feel despair as the rot & evil has spread so far and is so complexly intertwined into our daily lives that I felt it was impossible to undo or fight against it. By last weekend, I was really worried that I could not climb out of this, that I would go insane and would never see the light again. It is easy to feel love and to give love when one is living in a tranquil and even mundane life. But when one is thrown into the depths of life's cesspool & ugliness overnight, when one has met, spoken to, listened to, seen the photos and read about the victims of Abu Ghraib - one's life cannot be the same again. If they can endure & not show bitterness & anger but instead, courage, love & dignity, then they have shamed the rest of us who sit here comfortably enjoying our hot Milo every night, our children free from radiation exposure. These courageous people have shamed the governments of America, Britain & Australia. Their dignity has put to shame the entire military forces sent out by these despicable governments. There is no honour in murder. There is no honour in torture. There is no honour in brutalising children. These barbaric acts have shamed the people of the countries these soldiers have come from. The soldiers have brought dishonour and shame to their respective countries and to their people and the world should hang their heads down in shame to be a witness to so much evil.

I wanted vengeance and retribution - but I know I cannot get dragged down by this anger & hatred. If I do, then this evil would have defeated me. It would have snuffed out whatever light left inside my soul. I cannot see an Iraqi child, a Palestinian child, a Lebanese child in terror and pain but neither can I see or wish for an Israeli child to be in terror & pain. I would not make this choice. The Holy Prophet has laid down the rules of conduct for war, on the treatment of prisoners etc. Torturing and killing children & innocent civilians is forbidden. The world has laid down international laws on the conduct of war - see the Geneva Conventions, the Rome Treaty, the Nuremberg Principles .. but these vile creatures have found ways to circumvent these laws - they have broken every international law there is on the conduct of war. They have passed legislation in their countries to legalise torture, to protect their inhumane soldiers from prosecution and to circumvent the Geneva Conventions by categorising their detainees as "non combatants" and are therefore exempted from the protection of the Geneva Conventions. Are they as cruel as Hitler's Nazi regime? They are more so. Seymour Hersh himself said - never has there been an army so brutal as the one sent by America to Iraq. Trust me, this is not a compliment.

We were told that to date, there are more than 240 complaints filed with the International Criminal Court by the victims of the illegal invasion of Iraq but they all received the same reply from the ICC - that there is insufficient evidence to charge the US on any charges of committing war crimes. I will not dwell on what constitutes a war crime here. I will do it in another posting.

We are soaked in so much blood, we are choking. We must participate in healing the world. If we succumb to this despair then all is lost. If we do not have the courage to stand up and be heard, then all is lost. If we do not take responsibility to heal this evil then we are truly doomed - here on earth and in the hereafter. In order to heal, we must first acknowledge the evil that exists. We must distinguish between the lies and the truth. We must do our own research, our own reading. God's first command to the Holy Prophet is to "READ". For those of you who are not familiar with Islamic history, the Holy Prophet was illiterate at the time the command was given. God's command to the Holy Prophet is God's command to us. We must read and discover the truth for ourselves.

We must pray - pray for love, pray with love and send our prayers to those in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Palestine - for those who are persecuted and tortured. Most importantly we must pray for the safety of the people in Iran. The US threatens to use nuclear weapons against Iran (see the Sunday Times report 25.02.07) We cannot pray for vengeance or death or pain to those who inflict this evil but we must pray to heal them. To heal the perpertrators from this darkness and to heal their victims.

We must bring justice to the people. The prisoners (whom they call "persons under control") must be treated as prisoners of war and therefore all the laws governing the treatment of prisoners of war must apply. Those who have broken those laws - including heads of state - must be brought to trial and if found guilty, be labelled as war criminals and the prescribed punishment must be imposed on them. We must seek this justice. We must demand it. The world cannot heal otherwise. Evil & darkness must be brought to light for the world to see so that it will never be repeated.

We are stuck in a cycle, repeating our mistakes, repeating our atrocities, repeating our acts of barbarism - from the Crusades to the Spanish Inquisition, to the Holocaust, to Palestine, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Iraq and now ... Iran...and next... Syria... when will it end? Humanity has not evolved much.

Join me my friends, in sending our love and prayers to those suffering in Iraq & Palestine. The children of Palestine are dying of starvation from the sanctions imposed by the United States & Israel because they voted, under a democratically held elections which was supervised by President Carter (former US president), for Hamas - a party which US & Israel cannot bully or manipulate and so they are called "terrorists". The Palestinians were punished for electing the wrong party to power - by starving them. This is not unlike the sanctions imposed on Iraq before the illegal invasion in 2003. The Iraqi people suffered greatly for over 10 years under these harsh sanctions.

The United Nations economic sanctions were imposed at the urging of the U.S. to remove Saddam Hussein from power. President George H. W. Bush stated: "By making life uncomfortable for the Iraqi people, [sanctions] would eventually encourage them to remove President Saddam Hussein from power". In the same manner, they want the Palestinians to remove Hamas. The Iraqi sanctions caused the death of 500,000 Iraqi children. Madeline Albright (then US Secretary of State) when asked if the deaths of half a million Iraqi children was a price worth paying for sanctions, callously replied "We think the price is worth it." She justifies the actions of America " If we have to use force, it is because we are America. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see further into the future."

The world must tell America that it is a dispensable nation and its barbarism will not be tolerated anymore. The world must call a spade a spade. America is a Rogue Nation. They stand steeped in shame and cannot see beyond their Zionist noses.

The peace talks between Condoleeza Rice, Abbas & Olmert are a farce. They subjugate & starve the Palestinians and try to force them to submit to unreasonable "requests". Submit to the demands of the Israelis. There is no fair bargaining position here. The Palestinian lands have been stolen from them by the Israelis. 80% of the Palestinian Arabs were either driven out of Palestine or killed by the Israelis. The remaining 20% are oppressed and starved by the Israelis with the help of the United States. I will not dwell on the Palestinians now. I will do that in another posting.

So please, inform yourselves my friends. Don't take what you are spoonfed by the western media as gospel truth. Check out Global Research's website. Check Truthout's website. Read John Pilger's book "Freedom Next Time". Read Professor Chossudovsky's book "America's War on Terrorism" . Read Matthias Chang's books ( I forgot the titles but will post them later). There is so much more you can read, I don't want to manipulate your thoughts by spoon-feeding you what to read.

I would like to share with you some beautiful poems by St John of the Cross. St John was born in Spain in 1542. His family were Jewish but became conversos - "forced Christians". At 21 he became a Carmelite friar and met St Teresa of Avila at 25. In 1577, as a result of the attempted reform of the Carmelite order and his alliance with St Teresa, he was kidnapped and imprisoned by his fellow priests in the basement of a monastery. His imprisonment lasted 9 months in which he was not given any clothes to wear or water to wash. (The torture victims of Abu Ghraib told us that the same thing happened to them). St John was confined to a tiny cell, so small that he could not stand up. (The prisoners in Guantanamo Bay are placed in tiny cages in which they cannot stand up). St John had to relieve himself on the floor and his scraps of food was thrown into his faeces & urine. (The torture victims of Abu Ghraib told us that they had to sit or lie in a small bathroom filled with faeces & urine & the American soldiers would urinate on them). St John was regularly beaten by the other priests to an extent that he became a cripple. (Ali Shalah, the man behind the hood, has a deformed hand, it is gnarled ... due to the tortures inflicted upon him and the American soldiers stomping on his already injured hand with their boots). Let me share with you his beautiful poem which I dedicate to the victims of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay:

I Cobbled Their Boots
How could I love my fellow men who tortured me?

One night I was dragged into a room
and beaten near death with
their shoes
striking me hundreds of times
in the face, scarring me

I cried out for God to help, until I fainted.

That night in a dream, in a dream
more real than this world,
a strap from Christ's sandal
fell upon my bleeding

and I looked at Him and He
was weeping, and

"I cobbled their boots;
how sorry
I am.

What moves all things
is God."

My friends, I ask you to join me in prayer to send love, faith & strength to the people in Iraq. I ask you to pray for them to be strong enough to drive these illegal invaders out of their country forever for if they are successful in doing that then we will feel safer - that the world would be safe from "pre-emptive" strikes from this Rogue Nation. Join me between 11pm- 12.30am every night in my contemplation and prayer, wherever you are, and send them your prayers. That is what the Iraqi people we met asked of us - please remember us in your prayers. With that I will end it with another beautiful poem from St John:

If You Love
You might quiet the world for a second
if you pray.

And if you love, if you
really love,

our guns will

Sunday, February 11, 2007

At the Gate (Part I)

Kudos to Tun Dr Mahathir and the Perdana Global Peace Organisation for organising the "EXPOSE WAR CRIMES - Criminalise War" International Conference & Exhibition.

It has been almost a week since the Conference ended and still I have difficulty sleeping. When I do finally fall asleep, I am bombarded by images of torture in Abu Ghraib prison. Images of the barbaric American soldiers taking sick pleasure in tormenting their captives - Persons Under Control (PUCs).

Images of the sick sadistic American soldiers using the Black & Decker to drill holes into their prisoners' bodies and punch nails into them. The list is endless of what these barbaric inhumane creatures are doing to the people of Iraq whilst the world remains silent. Acquiescent to their barbarism and cruelty. Their treatment of the Iraqi people shows their contempt for all living beings who are not Anglo-American. They are like the Israelis who believe that they are The Chosen Ones.

The Day of the Jackals:
the Illegal Invasion of Iraq

And who is the great leader of these bunch of jackals? Who sent forth these butchers to pillage, plunder and rape Baghdad? President George Bush - who is the real Butcher of Baghdad, sent his military forces - the Thieves of Baghdad, backed by his allies the British and the Australians. These are the Barbarians at the Gate.

Why do we remain silent whilst our brothers and sisters are in tears, whilst our brothers and sisters are being raped & their children burnt and killed. One day these Barbarians will be at our Gate. President Bush, Prime Minister Blair, Prime Minister Howard and their administration are war criminals.

My friends & I attended this 3 day Conference and the Exhibition. Some of you may wonder how these bunch of vapid females whose world revolves around the next Spring/Summer collection found their way to a War Crimes Conference. Let me just tell you that we people who love Beauty do not like our skies dotted with menacing Apache helicopters...
In fact, my friend Terrie & I were roped in by Matthias Chang to take notes of the witnesses/petitioners' statements on the 3rd day of the Conference. Half way through taking notes, I couldn't stop crying - from the horrors they had to endure. Ali Shalah (the man behind the hood) & Abbas Abid, the 2 Iraqi torture victims had to reassure/comfort me by nodding/smiling reassuringly towards me and saying something in Arabic (they were seated directly behind me). The lawyers who had prepared the Statutory Declarations are litigators (one of them is my cousin Megat) and some of them had to attend court urgently that morning, that's why I was roped in at the last minute as I unsuspectingly walked into the Conference Hall that morning. A note to War Crimes Conference organisers - its best not to ask Corporate lawyers to take notes of witnesses' statements accounting horrific tortures inflicted on them. Especially when their only encounter with violence in their lives is at the Harrods sale.

At the Conference, one of the speakers said "We are not against the American people - just their Government and foreign policy". But I say the American people, the British and the Australians are all complicit in these acts of barbarism. They voted in this Government, they have failed to impeach and indict their respective President & Prime Ministers. Their Government, military and military excursions are financed by their taxpayers' money. Therefore they are responsible. Blood is on their hands. As for the rest of us, we cannot escape responsibility either. With our silence, we are part of this conspiracy to humiliate, subjugate & torture our fellow human beings.

Yes we feel helpless as the ugliness of war is brought into our living rooms courtesy of CNN & Al Jazeera & the mass media - as much as the likes of Rupert Murdoch are willing to show us. We say to ourselves as we watch the inhumane Israelis bomb & blast Lebanon for over one month "What can we do?" There is a lot we can do. I know a lot of us feel like dropping bombs on Israel & the Pentagon & the White House & Camp David.... (there, I have given you some key target areas to concentrate on - all the best chaps. Malaysia Airlines may be offering some reduced rates to certain destinations. By the way, please don't leave home without your C-4 Express)... but I prefer non violent methods. Otherwise we won't be any different from the people we revile - these Barbarians at the Gate. Anyway, some of us are wasting our C-4s blasting annoying ex girlfriends - couldn't they put these C-4s to better use? (the American Embassy is at Jalan Tun Razak - for those of you requiring a visa to get to Washington..). * please note that as I am still very upset, I am jotting things down in no coherent order....*

Anyone wishing to engage in verbal combat with an American in Kuala Lumpur, don't bother trying to get into their embassy - its heavily guarded. Just go to their favourite hang outs. As Americans can only appreciate their own fine cuisine, I suggest you look for them at eating establishments serving American fine cuisine, comprising of the following:-
* cheese burger & fries
* quarter pounder & fries
* mushroom burger & fries
* egg burger & fries
* triple decker cheese burger with mushroom, egg & bacon & fries

I'm sorry, I digress. I'm also very hungry at the moment. But this is not a light matter.

Where are these illusive Weapons of Mass Destruction? It is ironic that the Americans attacked and invaded Iraq using WMDs in order to search for the non existent WMDs which Saddam was purportedly hiding - and the rest of the world kept quiet about this. Quo Vadis? America... How much depleted uranium did you use on Iraq, you Barbarians at the Gate? How many civilians, especially children, have you murdered - you cold blooded killers? Why do we not decry their heinous crimes? Quo Vadis? the rest of the world...

The Propaganda War
The path for war & invasion of the Middle East was laid years ago. For many years they have used the mass media to sway, control & manipulate public opinion to demonise Islam and Muslims - using terminology such as "Islamic terrorists", "Islamic jihadist", "Islamic suicide bombers". These so called "acts of terror" have nothing to do with religion. It is the desperate acts of people who have been oppressed and bullied for far too long, people whose land has been stolen from them, people who have been subjugated & terrorised by these big bullies - these Barbarians at the Gate. Now, we too can change public opinion - by using the same method ie changing terminology. As we cannot influence the western media, we can instead use it in our everyday language. References to the following in blue may be interchanged with the corresponding references in red.

President Bush - The New Butcher of Baghdad

Prime Minister Blair - Prime Minister B-loody LIAR

Prime Minister John Howard - Pocket Bush in the Bushland of Australia ( this is quite a mouthful so you can shorten it to "Kangaroo Jack")

US Armed Forces - Thieves of Baghdad

Israeli Defence Forces - Current day Nazis

Al Qaeda - The Bush Administration

Mossads - Current day Gestapo

CIA - The Real Al Qaeda

Ariel Sharon - Adolf Hitler

Ehud Olmert - Heinrich Hiemler

Hezbollah - God's Army

Iraqi Resistance - Freedom Fighters

To the Iraqi Resistance, we support you. Send the American soldiers back in body bags. Before you kill them, drill as many holes into their bodies with their infamous Black & Decker. If you don't have any Black & Decker, we will send them to you. Oh by the way, is Black & Decker American or British? Maybe we will send a Japanese version instead. We don't want to boost the American/British economy. Show them no mercy as they have shown your people none.

To the Hezbollah, the Lebanese & the Palestinians - drive these Zionist Israelis out of the Middle East. They have stolen your land, destroyed your houses, killed your children. Take back what rightfully belongs to you and drive them out of the Middle East. There will be another Exodus and this time - do not allow them to return. I know people tell me that there are some nice Israelis who are not hardliners - but, why have they allowed their government to do this to the Palestinians & Lebanese? Blood is on their hands. They are thieves and murderers. God's Chosen Ones indeed! They bring shame to God with their arrogance and cruel behaviour. Moses would be ashamed of his people. He should have let the Red Sea engulf them. These are the very people who witnessed the miracles of God and shortly thereafter, could not wait to substitute Him with a man made idol - the Golden Cow - to worship. As Moses was angry with you then, O people of Israel, he would be deeply ashamed of you now. They are so particular about their kosher meat yet they think naught of stealing other's land and murdering their neighbours. Can they check their 10 Commandments again? When was the last time they looked at the 10 Commandments and understood it & followed it? Let us not forget that these are the same people - God's Chosen Ones - who were responsible for the torture, crucifixion & murder of our prophet Isa (Jesus Christ to the Christians). Jesus (& his followers) during his time, was branded as a rebel. They didn't have sophisticated words in those days such as "insurgents", "fanatical extremists", "deviationists" and "terrorists" or they would have, no doubt, labelled him & his followers with these names. Their behaviour has not changed - they are still consumed with their lust for power, wealth & control. And who are their allies? Who assists them in their reprehensible abominations? The British and the Americans. These Barbarians at the Gate - again raise their ugly heads.

The American people are a bunch of hypocrites. They try to impeach a president over a trivial sexual act and don't bat an eyelid at a president who kills thousands of people including women & children - using WMD. Yet they are horrified at the death of 3000 of their people during the 9/11 tragedy. Yes 9/11 was an act of terror, but who are the real terrorists here? Who is Osama ben Laden and What is this Al Qaeda?

Now they have their beady eyes on Iran - another country rich with resources. Their excuse? Iran's nuclear empowerment. Who has blatantly shown us that they cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons and WMD? The Americans. Who has used their nuclear weapons on another country? The Americans on Japan. Who has used their WMD on another country? The Americans on Iraq and Afghanistan. The Israelis on Lebanon. Who provided Israel's WMD? The Americans and the not so Great Britain.

So why should we be afraid of Iran having nuclear weapons? First thing they should do is to wipe Israel off the face of the earth. Israel - the country that never was, is or should be. Now the Americans are dictating to us that we cannot trade with Iran. To hell with their wish list. Well done Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar. Carry on with your gas deals with Iran. We will not cower to these big bullies. They want to camouflage it as a Muslim issue - then we Muslim countries will make it a Muslim issue. Three quarters of the world's oil & gas resources are in Muslim countries. Is this a coincidence? I think not. This is the real Weapons of Mass Destruction you are looking for in Iraq.

To the people of Iraq - our prayers are with you. Our love, our admiration for your strength & courage. Drive the illegal invaders/occupiers out of your country.

To the Hezbollahs of Lebanon - God's Army, Well done! You have made us very proud of your courage in fighting the Israeli army & defending your people and country. The Israelis have forgotten their David & Goliath.

To the British - I have lived & studied in England for 14 years. I like the British people. I loved England. What happened to you? Why did you put that lunatic Blair in power. Why don't you get rid of him? Now.

As for the Americans, I am told the average IQ of the Americans is dismally low. Their President is a C average student who would not be accepted into most universities.

I don't really know what to say to the Australians. There's been a drought out there for 4 years. Perhaps dehydration causes insanity. To the people of Australia - I didn't know being a criminal is still a prerequisite to being a citizen of your country. No wonder you elected one to be your leader. Time you throw Kangaroo Jack in jail, mate.

The only way to resolve the Middle East conflict is to annihilate Israel & its people completely (yes, Adolf Hitler in the making here...). They have stolen the land from the Arab people. They have no legitimate claim to any land in the Middle East. Israel is a state created to accommodate an army - it is a military state. Its policies are dictated by fundamentalist religious fanatics who now dominate Israel's military & intelligence elite. Their aim is to expand Israel's borders to create a "Greater Israel" which occupies the entire Middle East. The Zionist controlled mass media has succeeded in manipulating the world to fear "Islamic extremists" when the world should in reality fear these Zionists who have infiltrated and are strongly entrenched in the corridors of power in Washington. The only country which benefited from the events of 9/11 is Israel. This event gave President Bush the excuse he needed to commence aggression against the countries in the Middle East on the pretext of spreading democracy by getting rid of undemocratic regimes. Is it democratic to attack another country in the name of democracy? America is shoving their own brand of democracy up the world's arse. Even President Bush agreed that Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11 - so why attack Iraq. It is interesting to note that just before the invasion of Iraq in 2003, the Iraqi government had abandoned the US Dollar as the payment method for its Oil for Food programme. We all know for a fact that the flimsy excuse of the existence of WMDs in Iraq was a load of bullshit. America illegally attacked, invaded & occupied Iraq after purposely weakening them with the imposition of economic sanctions for 15 years. 500, 000 Iraqi children died as a result of these sanctions. Madeline Albright remarked that this is "a small price to pay". Only cowards attack the weak. These Barbarians should be made to pay a heavy compensation to Iraq and its people. I echo Tun Dr Mahathir's call to the Iraqi people - "make the Americans pay a heavy price for their adventure. Send the American soldiers back in body bags."

Our hopes & the hopes of the Middle East lie on the Iraqi Resistance. If they succeed in driving the Americans and their allies out of Iraq, then the rest of the world would feel safer from future "pre-emptive" strikes from the world's biggest & most ruthless terrorists - the United States of America & Israel.

What can the rest of us do? We can influence public opinion. Wear Tshirts & badges depicting Bush, Blair & Howard as war criminals. The Iraqi people should put up signs in every corner of Iraq with the words "Yankee Go Home". Ridicule them whenever you can - make them ashamed of their President/Prime Minister. Let the Americans feel that they are not welcome anywhere in this world - that the barbaric acts of their Government and military has made them the most reviled people on this earth - next to the Israelis. Show them that we will not tolerate their interventionist policies - that they cannot interfere in another country's politics, deposing their leaders & replacing them with puppet governments to their liking.

We were told at the Conference that whilst America is having difficulty enlisting recruits for their army, their barbaric acts in Iraq has propelled more & more people to join the Iraqi Resistance. During the 1st year of the illegal invasion of Iraq, there were 9 attacks per day by the Iraqi people against the illegal occupiers, the US Armed Forces & their allies. Today, there are 129 attacks daily against these illegal occupiers. Well done the people of Iraq! The Zionist media propaganda is not very successful in villifying Islam. It is still the fastest growing religion in the world and guess what the fastest growing religion in America is ... yes, bingo... it is Islam. Bush, I only have this to say to you - be afraid... be very afraid.

All members of the Mossad and Likud party should be strung upside down naked above an open fire & have their brains baked slowly. Bush should be shipped off to Papua New Guinea for the inhabitants to slice him into thin pieces and deep fry him for their afternoon snack - some sort of Texan Keropok. These are just my fanciful fantasies I indulge in on Sunday afternoons. You can create your own fantasies on what you would like to do to these Barbarians.

What can we do? We can avoid buying their products. Stop trading & accepting payment in US Dollars. Switch to the Gold Dinar or Euro. Stop employing people from their countries. Stop awarding contracts to companies run by and owned by Americans, British & Australians until their governments change their attitude & their foreign policy & apologise to the people of Iraq & pay compensation for the destruction they caused in Iraq. They have destroyed schools, universities, museums, historical monuments, hospitals, homes, infrastructure etc. They have polluted the water & air with depleted uranium. Iraqi women are giving birth to deformed babies as a result. What they failed to report is that more than 60% of the American soldiers who returned to USA are also producing babies with the same deformities. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. What they have done to the Iraqi people, Allah has inflicted upon them - well, actually they have inflicted upon themselves. The American soldiers have gone home & contaminated their wives, children & all those they come into contact with. It is in their semen, their sweat, their entire system. This is the result o the excessive use of WMD in Iraq by the Americans. But don't think that we are safe all the way here in South East Asia. Its in the air & will travel with the wind. When rain pours, it gets absorbed into our soil, our eco system, our food, our rivers, our seas. So the cycle goes on. These people blasting their WMDs thousands of miles away are killing the rest of us slowly. They have contaminated Iraq & Lebanon with their chemical weapons. They are killing us all with impunity. Are we going to allow this? I say no. No, no, no to this! Enough is enough. Don't lap up the propaganda churned out by these Zionists. Stop watching CNN, Fox News and any news churned out by the media owned by Rupert Murdoch - the Master of Disinformation. (Did you know he is part Jew?) From now on, being labelled "anti-semetic" should be an honour. The Jews in Israel have forgotten the suffering their forefathers went through under Nazi Germany. They are now inflicting the same suffering on the Palestinians & the Lebanese & (through their proxy army, the Americans) the Iraqi people.

9/11 and Al Qaeda
At 9am the planes crashed into the World Trade Center. At 11 am the Bush Administration had already announced that Al Qaeda was responsible for these attacks. Gee... what amazing police investigative work... the dust had not even settled yet from the buildings crashing downwards. 9/11 gave the Bush Administration the excuse they needed to commence their illegal invasion & destruction & colonisation of the Middle East. America's "War On Terror" is actually a "War OF Terror". They are today's Al Qaeda.

Sovereignty of Malaysia
This year is our 50th year of Independence. There are already threats to our sovereignty by the US of America under the guise of "protecting us from terrorist attacks". Or rather protecting their interests from terrorist attacks. Their main area of concern - the Straits of Malacca. America has made it very clear their intentions to play a bigger role in the security aspects of the Straits. Since 9/11 (this convenient excuse again), America has viewed Muslim extremists in Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines & Thailand as potential threats to world commerce flowing through Southeast Asian seaways. See the signs clearly, my friends. They are laying the grounds for our future invasion. We are now deemed to have "Muslim extremists" in our country who will shortly be called "terrorists". America is now taking a "proactive attempt to control both piracy & terrorism in the Straits of Malacca. Note how there is a convenient & strategic conflation of piracy & terrorism. It is inappropriate to blend the problem of piracy with the potentially more dangerous consequences of terrorism. There is nothing to show that terrorists & pirates have joined up. Their activities & agenda are completely different.

Singapore, our neighbour the little red dot, already allows US Navy ships to use its port for repair, refueling etc and US military jets to stopover there. Singapore unabashedly supports the presence of the US military in Southeast Asia. Our government has repeatedly said that Singapore cannot unilaterally invite US to patrol the Straits of Malacca.

Why is the Straits so important? Look at history. The Straits is one of the world's busiest & most important shipping lanes. Carrying a third of the world's trade and half of its OIL supplies. Where are these oil supplies going to & where did it come from? The oil comes from the Middle East and passes through the Straits of Malacca to CHINA and ofcourse Japan etc. Please connect the dots people. Why does America want to control the Middle East - with Israel's help? The OIL supplies. Why exactly do they want all this oil? Why can't they just trade with the Middle East instead of invading them? They want to control WHERE the OIL goes to. Who do the Middle Eastern countries trade their oil with? China - amongst others. And why is China a threat? The next superpower is India and China. As America has already secured India's cooperation, their main concern is China. Look at current events. They have managed to get North Korea to agree to halt their nuclear weapons programme in exchange for fuel aid. If America can control the Oil resources in the Middle East (and don't forget the oil resources in Malaysia and Brunei - all Muslim countries) then they have the means to control China. Washington is concerned over China's rise from slumber in particular its military development & missile deployment.

America is pushing for a strong military presence in the Straits of Malacca. We must strongly oppose this. Ofcourse we cannot rely on Singapore or trust them. But we can negotiate with Indonesia who are also very wary of their intentions.

Divide & Rule
Watch out for this favourite ploy of the Anglo- Americans. Note that Lee Kuan Yew some months ago made some derogatory remarks to undermine the racial relations within Malaysia. The Iraqis I spoke to told me vehemently that before the illegal invasion, there was no sectarianism in Iraq. Muslim sunnis & shiites marry each other. The 2 Iraqi war crimes victims told us that the moment they were thrown into prison, their American interrogators asked them if they were Sunni or Shiite. They said nobody has ever asked them this question in their life and that they are Muslims. With that answer, the American interrogators beat them up in order to get them to say which group they belong to. This split within the Muslims was instigated by the illegal invaders/occupiers. Beware that we do not fall into this trap. Already they are labelling us as "Islamic extremists". These Barbarians are already at our Gate.

Let us look at history. The Crusaders were formed in 1095 to wrest the holy lands from the Muslims. The Crusades were undertaken for material gain during a period when Europe was experiencing great poverty & misery. The prosperity of the East, especially the Muslims in the Middle East, attracted the Europeans. In 1099, they reached Jerusalem and slaughtered all the Saracens & Turks they found - whether male or female. In 2 days the Crusaders killed some 40,000 Muslims in the most barbaric manner. Today - things have not changed much - only the numbers butchered are on a much larger scale. The American army & their allies are today's Crusaders. They are not the Army of God. They are Lucifer himself. Greed for material wealth & power has again driven them to plunder & slaughter the Muslims in the Middle East. It was the Templars who were mainly responsible for the Crusaders' attacks of & murder of the Muslims. Will the great Saladin rise again to defeat today's bloodthirsty Crusaders - these Barbarians at the Gate? And rescue Jerusalem from these pagans?

To the people of America, the not so Great Britain & Australia, I beseech you - please ask your respective President/Prime Minister this question - "Where are these Weapons of Mass Destruction? Why did you attack & invade Iraq? Why did you plunder & destroy their property & kill their children?". Do not stop asking this question until they give you this answer: "We LIED to you. We just wanted their OIL and to help our best buddy Israel in their expansion programme."

Australia's Labour leader, Kevin Rudd calls for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. US presidential hopeful Barack Obama calls for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq - he was heavily criticised by Australia's John Howard (Kangaroo Jack). Australia's Foreign Minister Alexander Downer defended Kangaroo Jack - he & Kangaroo Jack say that a withdrawal of troops from Iraq signifies defeat & surrender & would be a disaster for the Iraqis, a disaster for the Middle East and a disaster for the struggle against terrorism. Mr Downer said "the quickest way to end a war is to lose it & its not my view that there is anything to be gained by losing it." He further elaborates on Australia's contribution to "global security". In truth, Australia has not contributed to global security but to global terror. From his words, it is very clear that, like the Crusaders, the Australians illegally attacked & invaded Iraq for their own material gain. Howard (Kangaroo Jack) from his recent public statements on "what the consequence for American prestige & therefore Australia's interest" would be if the US was seen to be defeated in Iraq, shows that he has little regard for the lives of the Iraqi people - focusing on prestige & interest of America & Australia. He has the gall to say that "with the withdrawal of troops, the Iraqis would not be able to look after themselves". The Iraqis were looking after themselves quite well thank you very much Mr Howard before you & your pals decided to blast their country & people to smithereens. The destruction & chaos was caused by you. Are Australians as stupid as the the Americans to swallow this codswallop their Prime Minister is throwing them? He says that defeat in Iraq would be a "colossal blow to Western prestige". Yes, thats all he cares about isn't it? A blow to Western prestige. Its all about might & power. Not about the homes he has destroyed, not the children he has maimed & killed. He is responsible for the destruction of Iraq. He will go down in history as the war criminal who destroyed Iraq. He can forget about prestige - nobody likes a coward & a bully.

There are those of you who strongly defend America as the protector of Western civilisation. Well, this so called "protector" of Western Civilisation has destroyed Iraq - the Cradle of Civilisation.

America is the Third Reich of our Times.

The American soldiers & their allies are purposely killing the academics in Iraq. The Israeli soldiers are shooting at the Palestinian children walking to school. They are commiting genocide. They don't want any intellectuals, any educated people left who can think for themselves. They want to keep them in poverty - poverty of knowledge & material wealth. In order to subjugate them & control them. They have destroyed universities & schools. It is well known that the Iraqis are intellectuals. But the Barbarians have underestimated the Iraqi people. They will not be subjugated & be treated like animals. They will not be tied to a leash & be dragged around by those ugly grinning female American soldiers. They will not be urinated on & defecated on by the American soldiers. The Lebanese speaker at the Conference, Ibrahim Mousawi, said to me " God gave us everything - what he doesn't want us to do is to humiliate ourselves & allow ourselves to be humiliated. He does not want us to do this to our souls."

When I was writing down the horrific tortures the 2 Iraqi petitioners had to go through - inflicted by the American soldiers (note, both of them said there is always an Israeli present at these torture sessions) through the agony I felt whilst writing their story down, through my tears, I could only see their courage, their beauty, their love for their country and their strong faith in Allah. Someone from the audience asked Ali Shalah (the man in the hood) what kept him alive throughout the brutality inflicted on him by these demons & he answered "Allah kept me alive". There was no bitterness or hatred in their voices. Only courage & strong faith in Allah. They vow to help their people.

The people of Iraq want their country back. The people of Iraq want the illegal invaders/occupiers to leave.

And we vow to bring Justice to them. We vow that we will not ignore their cries for help. We vow that we will not remain SILENT whilst our brothers & sisters & their children are killed with impunity.