Friday, November 17, 2006

Blowing Up Your Ex Girlfriend is a wee bit Extreme....

I was getting ready for work one morning recently and was half listening to the news on the radio. I heard bits and pieces (pardon the pun) on some Mongolian woman being bombed and I remember thinking to myself that it must be some other country. In fact my first thought was that it was some espionage matter and a spy was caught and blown up.

When I reached the office and looked at the papers, I was shocked - this woman was blown up in Malaysia!!! When did we become so dangerous?? And there I was complaining about these Bollywood movies depicting KLIA as some terrorist meeting point. And we are told that she was blown up for harrassing her ex boyfriend. And this ex boyfriend of hers... is a person I had seen on telly many times - a charming, eloquent & intelligent chap who doesn't look like he could hurt a fly. I know people say that it's the nice mild looking chaps who end up chopping their wives into pieces and shoving them down the incinerator but... this guy... I think not.

It really does not make any sense at all. This is no stupid fella acting out of panic. Even though we are reminded daily that he is a "prominent political analyst" I must point out that many people including my colleagues have never heard of him. So what has he got to lose if his alleged "affair" is discovered? He is not a politician in a high position. Even if he is, I doubt if it would hurt his political career if it is discovered that he had an affair and a love child. Rare indeed is a male politician who is not committing adultery (my personal opinion) and even more rare is a person who will condemn him for committing adultery. It's just too much to swallow this absurd story that he blew up and/or hired someone to blow up his ex girlfriend. First the papers said that she has a child whom she claimed to be his. He very confidently said that it is impossible that that child is his. What makes a man so sure that a child borne by his "girlfriend" is not his? I can only think of the following:-

a. he is impotent;
b. he underwent some operation which made him unable to have children; or
c. (which is my theory) he never slept with her in the first place and that she is not his girlfriend.

Now if that is the case, why is she harrassing him. Who is her lover .. sorry "was" not "is"... Obviously she knew him and it appears that her family has met him too. They purportedly have pictures of them together and receipts of jewellery he has given her. Diamonds. How much does a political analyst running a research centre earn to enable him to shower diamonds on his girlfriend and take her on trips abroad? Am I in the wrong profession here?? Let me ask the obvious - is he the boyfriend or the go between for the boyfriend. Messenger Boy. On the otherhand, I thought to myself, I may be a trifle fanciful and it is a straightforward case of an affair gone wrong where perhaps an innocent request to some police officials to "help me deal with this problem" is interpreted as "help me get rid of this problem".

The papers came out with this "rm 30, 000 (or was it usd 30, 000?) payment to the police to deal with the woman" story. Is this plausible? rm 30,000 for police personnel from the highly trained Special Action Force team (one of whom is a chief inspector) to use C-4 plastic explosives (not hand grenades - as we were initially led to believe). There is also his background story. Not very colourful but there are some interesting points to note. Our political analyst was involved in a defence deal in 2002 where a company controlled by him and his associates brokered a submarine contract which earned them around 10% of the eventual cost of the submarines. Is this irrelevant information? By the way who is the Defence Minister? And by the way who does he report to? With all his political research? Hullo, does this ring any bells at all. So what other "deals" does he broker or is he a "middleman" to???

In addition to all that, this woman speaks Russian and was an interpreter. We have some defence deals with Russia where we purchase their defence equipment etc. Was she involved in any of these deals? As the interpreter perhaps .... Yes, yes, some will say it's all fanciful conspiracy theory ....

But then TODAY... in the newspapers, the chap's distraught wife makes these very telling statements that you don't even have to read between the lines:-
"My husband is innocent ... (ok this is a normal statement for a distraught wife) He has been framed (very brave statement)."
"My husband is not a politician (yes, my sentiments exactly). He is not the Prime Minister. Neither does he want to be the Prime Minister." Bingo. Big arrow pointing at ... hmmm...I wonder who....
I shall leave you all to connect the dots yourselves ....

I wrote the above piece much earlier but did not post it. Today in the papers Karpal Singh is quoted - asking similar questions .... in fact he is more direct. He asked:
- which high level Minister is involved in this;
- he asked about the defence deals;
- he asked what did the wife mean when she said "He is not the Prime Minister and neither does he want to be the Prime Minister".

I'm sure everyone is waiting anxiously for the case to come to trial. I hope the truth will be unveiled.