Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Toade News: Black Hawk Down

Al Jazeera Wednesday 22 August 2007 reported that a US Helicopter, the UH-60 Black Hawk, has crashed in Northern Iraq, killing 14 soldiers on board.

Americans must thank their President for more deaths in the US Military - collateral damage eh Mr President.

The Black Hawk came down during a night operation on Wednesday. A statement said the aircraft experienced mechanical problems and that there was no sign of hostile fire. The soldiers killed were with Task Force Lightning.

Yeah, Task Force Lightning indeed. They sure went down like they were struck by lightning.

The report went on to say that it is the deadliest crash for the US Army since January 2005.

Hmm... deadliest crash and it wasn't even hit by anything .... Force Majeure ... An Act of God, perhaps. And our Government is considering buying these Black Hawks to replace our Nuri helicopters which are nothing more than glorified flying scrap metal.