Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Ramblings II

Its almost 8pm and tomorrow is Merdeka Day!!! Am still in the office waiting for my friend Zoe to pick me up for dinner. She wants to eat middle eastern food - lamb. She also wants me to take her to a place where she can "cuci mata". It literally means "wash eyes". It's a Malay saying for looking at something pleasing ie the opposite sex... no, I'm not being politically correct... whatever sex turns you on then...not necessarily the opposite sex. Friends nowadays are not easy to please. Not only am I buying her dinner and entertaining her with my anecdotes, now I have to find a place where she can feast her eyes on some hunky men. Zoe likes men in uniform. We might as well fly to New York & check out NYPD. Seriously, another friend of mine (senior single female lawyer) went to New York for a holiday and she too likes men in uniform - she told me she actually dropped by NYPD (New York Police Department) and was drooling at the police officers there! I asked her sarcastically whether she made it to the Fire Department and she said with deep regret "No unfortunately I didn't have enough time".

Bespectacled dropped by my room earlier. My room must be the warmest room on this floor as I have 2 huge windows which I keep open all the time. Its been raining A LOT lately and the office is like a Siberian gulag. First thing he said as he opened my door is "Wow, I have just landed in Hawaii after taking a flight from Boston!". Another colleague Catherine popped by after he left to thaw out in my room for a few minutes. Bespectacled came in to complain about his sister-in-law's loser husband who is cheating on her. She discovered the affair after reading a text message on his phone "I want to bite - suck you tonight". Sigh, Malay couples are really surprising me these days... I asked him "is he good looking?" So Bespectacled said "If you see the ugliest looking labourer on your way back, he is negative 100% below that." This loser husband is also a sponger. His overseas education was paid for by his rich father-in-law. His wife had to pawn her jewellery to pay for the household bills because she is too embarrassed to tell her family.

Yeah, so the guy's a bastard but... who allowed him to be that way? Why, why, why do women do this to themselves? Act the martyr?? Her excuse is because they have young children. Why do women love to be victims all the time in an abusive relationship?? I don't have the answer to that. Anyway, Bespectacled has kindly told me that no Malay man would want to go out with me because I'm too fierce for them.... Yes,... and I want to go out with them ....???? The feeling is mutual - I'm not their cup of tea and neither are they mine.

Whilst I'm on this topic, I must confess that I have met up with SL (Singapore Lawyer) twice since the Bench & Bar Games. He came up to KL once and I went over to Singapore recently. I find him very endearing. My female Indian friends (all lawyers) are full of doom & gloom over this...quote "you are going out with an Indian man?? they make lousy boyfriends. They never call you and don't know how to manja you (actually, I can live with that - this whole manja-manja thing makes my skin crawl...). They really don't know how to woo a woman. And on top of that he is Singaporean! That's even worse!!!" I thought I should get a second or rather fifth opinion so I asked my male Indian friend (also a lawyer). He said "You know why we don't date an Indian woman - or call her after the first date? If we go on a second date, her family will start printing the wedding cards already... Don't listen to this stupid advice - there's nothing wrong with Indian men....God, if you listen to them then I will never have a chance with you, what's this rubbish about not calling after the first date? You want me to call you, sure, I can make phone calls after that..." Sigh, so much for unbiased opinion from a good friend! Another Indian girlfriend said "Hullo, he is Hindu right & you are Muslim.... no way his Amma & Appa are going to allow this..." Hullo! I only met him twice after Langkawi. I'll worry about Amma & Appa later if this goes anywhere. Poor chap is being disected, scrutinised and taken to pieces before it can get anywhere....ooops Zoe is here. Got to go. Happy Merdeka Day everyone!!!

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