Friday, July 13, 2007



Suvarna Fine Arts presents a Bharata Natya dance feature in praise of Shiva and Shakti featuring Shri Ajit Bhaskaran Dass and the Suvarna Dance Company with live music accompaniment. About Ajit

Ajit was trained as a lawyer and left law practice to focus on his passion - Indian Classical Dance. Ajit has performed in Germany, New York (Lincoln Centre), Los Angeles, India, Bali, Singapore and Malaysia. He was invited to perform for UNICEF in New York in July 2005. Ajit spends 6 months in a year in Los Angeles, teaching and performing there. For the rest of the year, he is based in Johor Bharu, teaching at his dance company Suvarna Fine Arts and in Singapore.

The Los Angeles Times described him as follows after one of his performances in Los Angeles:

"The brilliant Bharata Natya soloist, Ajith Bhaskaran Dass, who with his "Nureyev appeal" has been clebrated for his skill in bringing out the technical glory of Bharata Natya while evoking a remarkable depth of feeling transcending all boundaries of gender, space, style and form with spellbinding dexterity."
Performance Time and Venue
14 July 2007
Malaysia Tourist Centre (
Kuala Lumpur
Auditorium Dewan Tunku Abdul Rahman
109 Jalan Ampang

Invitations will be issued for donations of RM100, RM50 and RM 30.
Please contact Mrs Madasamy at 019 399 9418
or Ms Chelvi at 012 710 1900

Dear Friends,
I know I have posted this information rather late. I have been very busy. If you manage to read this on time, please do come and watch this utterly mesmerising dancer. I'm just lost for words on how I feel every time I watch him perform. He transports you to another world which I dare say is nothing less than divine. Not many Malaysians know of him, which is a great shame. When he performs in Los Angeles, his fans include people like Ravi Shankar.
When he dances, you will clearly see his passion and love for his art. It is not just mere entertainment or technical perfection. It is a form of worship and those who are spiritually inclined will be able to feel this in his performance. So do not miss this rare opportunity. My friend Tempias has just flown in from New Zealand and will watch the show with me. My American friend (yes, I do have American friends!) watched his last performance in KL, Echoing Anklets, and was amazed at his talent, choreography, costumes etc. Ajit choreographs his own shows, composes the lyrics for the songs, designs the costumes and chooses the fabrics in India himself.
Ajit combines intelligence, extraordinary talent, deep spirituality, breathtaking creativity and absolute sensitivity in his performances.