Sunday, October 08, 2006

Oh Singapura, Jangan Berpura-pura Meminta Maaf : Part II

A Malaysian lawyer (S. Tan) has posted a reply to my posting - asking whether I actually READ the annex to Lee Kuan Yew's letter before I made my comments ... He tries to draw me into discussion on the MERITS of LKY's comments. This is my reply:-


My Dear ST,

Thank you for your concern that I may have overlooked the venerable Lee Kuan Yew's annex to his letter of "apology" (not his speech unless you are referring to some speech he made which I did not have the pleasure of hearing or reading). Rest assured that I did read it. It would be rather remiss of me to ignore this masterpiece which he has painstakenly compiled and collated for our enlightenment. One can expect nothing less from a person who has throughout his political career shown great passion in his campaign/fight to champion democracy, freedom of speech and equality in the country which he founded.

I am sure his efforts to enlighten us dullards in Malaysia is based on his genuine concern over the plight of the Chinese living in Malaysia and Indonesia (his immediate neighbours). I am not under Lee Kuan Yew's category of "successful ...hard working" persons so I am sure you will forgive me if I doubt his sincerity in both his apology to our Prime Minister and his concern over the Chinese in Malaysia and Indonesia. If you notice, in the incidences he quoted in his annex, the remarks made by our politicians were mainly made to a Malay audience which from my interpretation boils down to basic "scare tactics" by saying "you better buck up or you will end up like the Malays in Singapore" and "you are lucky that you didn't suffer the same fate as the Malays in Singapore". Had Lee Kuan Yew made his speech to a group of Chinese Singaporeans in some Chinese Assembly Hall in Singapore, then yes, I will accept it as "quid pro quo" and let the matter rest. BUT he delivered his speech to an international audience - "in a free flowing dialogue session with former US secretary of treasury ... before many foreign delegates attending the International Monetary Fund/World Bank meeting . Ignoring for now, my reference to his "senile moment" which was made in jest, to me, these remarks were made with mischievous intent and are deliberately provocative. Lee Kuan Yew, whilst masquerading his attacks on Malaysia as concern on the plight of the Chinese, has served a blow on Malaysia on an international level which we cannot choose to ignore. And why did he do this? At this particular forum which he strategically chose? A person will attack when he is feeling insecure. And why is he insecure of his neighbours. The reason can only be economics ... ITS ALL ABOUT THE MONEY.

Yes, we can play into his hands and talk about the MERITS of what he said. By all means, lets do that in our own time. But lets not do it just because he provoked us into it. Let us not give him that satisfaction. He has a different agenda and believe me, the Chinese in Indonesia & Malaysia are the least of his concerns. Is he really setting himself up as the champion of all Chinese outside of China? I'm sure he would like that if they would pay him the slightest bit of attention. Maybe, if it was Nelson Mandela who made those remarks, I would find it more palatable. And you will challenge me - what does it matter who the messenger is, it is the message that is important. To me it is most audacious for the founder of an authoritarian country which demands abject obeisance from its subjects to lecture us on equality and freedom.

Well, ST, I understand your desire to have an open discussion on the issues Lee Kuan Yew raised. I, on the otherhand, am not politically savvy nor do I have any interest in politics so I hope there are others who are willing to be drawn into this discussion. My posting was mainly on the "apology" sent by Lee Kuan Yew not on the merits of his remarks. If you can find a solution to these issues without any bloodshed, then I will be the first to support you. To me, if these issues were raised by Karpal Singh or Lim Kit Siang, then I have no problem with that. But when we are being attacked by an outsider (who can only stand to gain by our downfall) then, as Malaysians, we must close ranks and defend our country.



Tempias said...

Dr.M - where are you and your ascerbic sense of humour ? No one could have handled this matter better than yourself.

the Anomaly said...

Ya lah, he should come back and tell these people "Tepi sikit...let me show you how its done..." Hehe, private joke between Tempias and I over a horse lunging episode.