Wednesday, May 02, 2007

- dedicated to the Mother of the Great Master
- by the Anomaly

O Maryam
the Beautiful
the Cherished
the Blessed
Mother of True Love
Mother of Unconditional Love

You are the only woman

Allah has bestowed His great Light

To you, Allah has dedicated an entire chapter of the Holy Koran

You are the only woman

Who knows Love as it truly is

The only one who has felt love

At its deepest, most wonderful,

Most painful depths

Allah has reserved for you

A most special place in His Heart

Glory to Maryam,

The Most Beloved

The One who gave

Her soul

Her life

Her love

Her Son

To Allah

As Abraham was willing to sacrifice his son to Allah

Who knows what pain

Maryam went through

To show her faith

Her love

For the Beloved

Who knows what hardship

Maryam endured

To show her love

Who knows her strength amidst

The rejection, the insults, the ridicule

thrown at her

hurled against her

Who knows how alone

She felt then

With only her faith to hold on to.

As alone as I feel now

Alone with the Alone

Only the great Sheikh Ibn Arabi will understand

what I am talking about

For he too, the Seal of the Saints,

Serves the Great Master.


The day you choose to share

Your love with us again

Is the beginning of the end

And life will reach a full circle

Dawn and sunset will become One

Daylight and nightfall will become One

Light and Darkness will become One

And we will all

Return to the One who loves us

For you

are the Mother

of Dawn and Sunset.

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