Friday, April 27, 2007

Ready For Silence - Rumi

I am about to go off for some days of contemplation, days of much needed solitude, solace and silence. So I will leave you to contemplate on some of Rumi's beautiful verses.
Ready for Silence

The devotional moon looks into the heart and is in the heart.
When the heart has a Friend like you, the universe cannot contain their pleasure. Anyone warmed by the sun feels courage coming in.
If grief arrives, you enjoy it. Generosity: that's your hand in my pocket giving your wealth away. Yet you run from me like one raised in the wild. He comes this strange creature: me, in a hand-and-feet shape! The formless tries to satisfy us with forms!
A transparent nakedness wearing pure light says, Blessed are those who put on gold brocade!
You may not see him,
but Moses is alive,
in this town, and he still has his staff! And there's water and thirst,
wherever and however water goes, and the one who brings water.
The morning wind broke off a few branches in the garden.
No matter, when you feel love inside you, you hear the invitation to be cooked by God.
Its that creation the heart loves.
For three winter months the ground keeps quiet. But each piece of earth knows what'sinside waiting: beans, sugarcane, cypress, wildflowers.
Then the spring sun comes talking plants into the open.
Anyone who feels the point of prayer bends down like the first letter of pray.
Anyone who walks with his back to the sun is following his own shadow. Move into your own quietness. This word-search poem has found you, ready for silence.
Why God Said He Loved Moses

One day God said to Moses, "My chosen one I love you."
Moses asked "Bountiful One, tell me what in me is the cause of your love for me, so that I may make it grow."
God replied, "You are like a child in the presence of its mother. When she chastises the child it still wraps its arms about her and loves her. The child knows of no one in the world but her, and finds all sorrow and joy from her presence. If she should be angry with the child it still comes to her, for it never seeks any help from anywhere else.
You are like this child Moses, for your heart never turns from Me to anyone else."


Heart sees the joy of early dawn, the breeze. What have you seen?

What have you not seen?

Sometimes, to plunge in a bewilderment ocean;

Sometimes to find the gray amber of whales deep in the mountain!

Hundreds of windows. Haze returns into the sea. My weeping eyes, wave by wave, mix with the ocean.

It becomes an eye. Both worlds, a single corn grain in front of a great rooster! One who wants, one who is wanted, the same. Who knows God? Someone through with La. No!

The broken lover knows about this.

Nobody in this robe but God.

Appear as you truly are.

Saladin, you are my soul, the eye that sees God.

The Lover's Passion

A lover knows only humility

He has no choice

He steals into your alley at night

He has no choice

He longs to kiss every lock of your hair

Don't fret

He has no choice

In his frenzied love for you

he longs to break the chains of his imprisionment

He has no choice.

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