Monday, April 16, 2007

Toade News: Death in the rainforest:

Our friends are dying. We are going extinct. Please check out these news in the UK times:

Fragile creatures give the world a new climate warning,,2058785,00.html
By the way what happened to those 2 we sent to Iraq on a "holiday"? They have yet to report anything .... Anyone seen them? See photos below. They are pretty adorable.

Now for some news. TOAD of the Week award goes to Paul Wolfowitz son of Jacob Wolfowitz from a family of Zionists. Paul Wolfowitz is the Chief Architect responsible for the illegal invasion of Iraq. He was rewarded by that big wolly President Bush who thereafter made him President of the World Bank. Now he is caught in a controversial scandal - he is the chief architect in promoting his own girlfriend who works in the World Bank - including handing her a big pay rise. We at Toade News say "Wot a big wolly he is thinking with his lil willy!" I betcha Ol' Jacob Wolfowitz is proud of his son now!

Advert: There are job vacancies at the Al Qaeda who are on a strong recruitment drive. Perks offered are life insurance coverage (which includes coverage for death caused by suicide), 7 weeks intensive weapons, munition and explosive training, lots of traveling etc. Interested applicants can apply to the following person at the following address:

Agent Smith, Human Resource Department, Central Intelligence Agency, Washington D.C. 20505.

Cheerio Folks!

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