Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Chapati Moments: Sneak Preview

I started writing this story about a group of girl friends and cousins when I was 18. The story was about prejudice - all sorts of prejudice, racial, sexual etc. But I never completed the story, neither did I find a title for it. Then after I wrote about the Bench & Bar Games which I posted here in Toad Exodus, I thought of developing the character of "Letchumy" in that posting and turning it into a book entitled "Chapati Moments". Anyway, I have taken a chapter off my story on prejudice and posted it into another blog which I have been invited by Pharee, the Captain of the Navel Gazers, to write in. You can read it under "Chapati Moments: Sneak Preview" at:

Caution, do not read it straight after a heavy meal. Actually I may start posting the chapters of the book on prejudice in Toad Exodus. I have to think about it though. Its pretty explicit stuff and so far, Toad Exodus is quite safe to read under parental guidance. What do you all think? It may not go down well or blend in with my Sufi poems....

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