Monday, March 05, 2007

Love Came to Visit Me - by the Anomaly under Toad Exodus
(I wrote this after my usual contemplation during the weekend. It is quite normal to write poems or reflections during or after contemplation but it is the first time I am allowing anyone to read it. This is my most recent one.)

Amidst my pain
my anger
my despair
my anguish
Love came to visit me

I did not recognise his face at first
My vision, blurred by my tears
I asked him to go away
And let me wallow in my sorrow

But he would not go away
He stood there
Through my pain
my anger
my despair
my anguish.

I asked my Beloved to send him away.
This love is complicated.
This love is adding to my burdens.

My Beloved said to me:
"Love is only complicated if you fight it.
Walk towards it
And embrace it willingly
Let love's flames burn you
Only then you can see Me
Only then you can feel Me
Only then You are Me.

So do not be afraid
For this is what you asked of Me
I send you Love in many forms
It is up to you to recognise it.

There are no mistakes in loving
And who said pain is a bad thing?
That pain is to be avoided?

I thought you trusted Me
That I would take care of you
That I would lead you to Me
That is what I am doing
I am sending you love

It is not complicated
Run towards the flames
And let it consume you

Only then will you see Me
Only then will you be with Me
Only then will you be Me"

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