Thursday, March 08, 2007

More Hafiz

God said,

"I am made whole by your life.
Each soul,
each soul completes

The Christ's Breath

I am
a hole in a flute
that the Christ's breath moves
listen to this

One Regret

One regret that
I am determined
not to have
When I am lying upon my
death bed

Is that we did not kiss

The Woman I Love

Because the woman I love
lives inside of you,

I lean as close to your
body with my words as I can -
and I think of you all the
dear pilgrim.

Because the One I love
goes with you
wherever you go,
Hafiz will always be

If you sat before me, wayfarer,
with your aura bright from your many charms,
my lips could resist
rushing to you,
but my eyes, my eyes
can no longer hide
the wondrous fact of who
you really are.

The Beautiful One whom I adore
has pitched His royal tent
inside you,
so I will always lean my heart
as close to your soul
as I can.

***Hafiz really makes me laugh sometimes - he is so cheeky. See his poems below:

A Potent Lover

The sun and the moon shiver
When I drop my pants.
Of this potent

I Am Really Just a Tambourine


Makes the universe admit a
"I am
Really just a tambourine,
Grab hold,
Play me
Against your warm

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