Sunday, March 25, 2007

Do You Know Who I Am?
by the Anomaly

I am a hidden treasure
sitting at the center of
my universe
In my own

I am alone

With the Alone

Do you know who I am?

I see you peering into my space
I can feel your curiousity
You wish to enter into
the circumference of
my space
You wish to know me

But do you know who I am?

I observe you as you step into

my space

You hesitate as you enter

my garden

As you see the clear cool creek

flow in front of you

You are mesmerised.

You take off your shoes
And then your socks
Half in fear
Half in excitement
You dip your toe
ever so slightly
into the water.
The feeling sends shivers
up your spine,
You withdraw your toe
Half in fear
Half in excitement

You continue to stare at

the water.

Distracted by your wonderment

Distracted by your trepidation

Distracted from your initial goal

To come closer to me

To know me

Do you know who I am?

You linger at the creek

for a long time

Playing your game

Which amuses you so

Dipping your toes


And pulling them


As the thrill gets too much

for you to handle.

I watch you

As you play your game

Until finally,

you take a deep breath

And plunge

both feet into the cool water.

The sharp coolness of the water

pierces the core of your heart

As you suddenly remember

Why you entered my


You hastily leave the creek

And walk towards

My house

My abode

My sanctuary....

Halt! Do not move a single step

towards me.

Do you know who I am?

Do you think I will allow you

to invade my space so


Ah, but you persist

I see you peering through

the window

Hoping to catch

a glimpse of me.

But how can you see me?

When you do not know who I am.

You love how you feel

when you are in my garden

You venture forth to enter

my house

Surely, you think to yourself

If the garden is so wonderful

what would the inside of the house

be like?

Even more wonderful.

You peer hard through the window pane

Do you know that there are

70,000 veils of darkness and

70,000 veils of light

shielding me from your gaze?

Even if you could open my windows and

climb in

You would not have the energy

to part the veils of darkness

let alone the veils of light.

Do you know who I am?

But I will let you into a


You may enter by the door

Why do you insist on breaking in

through the windows?

When you can enter by the


But of course, there is a catch

The door is locked

The key is with me

I am the Key Master

As I am the Gate Keeper who let you into my garden

Do you know who I am?

I will let you in

If you can answer

my questions

and fulfil my requests.

Yes I will - I have allowed you to come

close enough to me

So I will give you

that chance.

Why do you seek me?

Is it by accident?

Did you stumble

upon my garden?

And blundered forth in ignorance?

Following the direction of your desires

without a care for mine.

And what is it you desire?

Me? Really?

Do you know who I am?

Are you seeking

my friendship?

Do you want me as your


To comfort and soothe you in your life's journey?

If you say yes, that's what you seek,

Then let me ask you this -

Do you not already have

a companion

whom you have chosen

to comfort and soothe you

in your life's journey?

And now you wish to enter

my house

With these insincere thoughts and feelings

I cannot accept this

friendship you offer

I cannot accept

half measures

You only dare to do this

because you do not know who I am.

But wait, what are you telling me now?

Were you intoxicated

from drinking the nectar

of the flowers in my garden?

Is that why you stumbled forth

to my windows

my dear

Declaring drunkenly that

you are mine?

Intoxicated beyond reason

You would not utter such insincere words

If you really know who I am.

Know that

I am not your little plaything

for you to toy around

for your amusement

whenever you can

spare the time.

You have stepped into my


Not I yours

So I will not


around your little world.

Didn't anyone warn you

not to enter

with insincere thoughts and insincere feelings?

Didn't anyone warn you

not to make insincere declarations?

Once you have stepped into my


Didn't anyone warn you

not to come close to

my abode

my inner sanctuary?

It is not safe to come too close.

The fire of my soul will burn you

The only thing that will save you

is if the fire of your love can match

the fire of my soul.

Looking at you, peering through the window

my dear

I cannot see this fire of your love

If it is there, then it is very dim

flickering ever so often

and easily snuffed out.

You will need a raging fire

to burn away these veils

my dear

Yet, if your fire is as strong as that,

there is no need for you to burn the veils

The door will be unlocked

by itself.

If I were not who I am

I would fling the door

open myself

and let you in.

But I am not allowed to do so

It is a covenant between

me & the Alone

I will be alone

locked up

in this sanctuary

until the person

who is willing to

leave his soul

at my door

unlocks it

with the burning fire of his love.


my dear

are incapable

of such loving

Because your soul

is not equipped to carry so much



you ask me

do you achieve this?

You must empty your soul

of all other thoughts

and all other love

Then maybe


there is enough space

in there

to carry this raging

burning love.

Until then

my dear

Do not tell me

that you are mine

when I know

that you are not.

Keep these insincere thoughts

to yourself

I do not need false platitudes

to make me happy.

I will allow you

to continue playing in my


since it amuses you so

But do not come near

my house again

Until you are capable

of sincere thoughts and feelings for


Do you know who I am?

I do not accept


in half measures

And I cannot accept

love which is not

all consuming.

Let me tell you

Who I am

I am

the only one

you should love.

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