Friday, March 30, 2007

Photos of British Captured Sailors & Marines

Some friends have expressed curiousity over what I had written on the British sailors & marines, wanting in particular, to know what this woman looked like.

This is the British sailor who appeared on telly. That Bloody Liar Blair has expressed disgust at the way the prisoners were treated ie being shown on telly eating and being asked to write letters to their mom & dad. Errr, what about the way prisoners in Guantanamo Bay, Abu Ghraib and other unknown prisons are treated by the British and Americans??? I don't have the energy to go into that now but I will list it down another time. Blair is trying to provoke the people of his country to retaliate against Iran. He has not succeed in provoking the Security Council (hooray!).
see the report below from Al Jazeera:

"Britain has failed to win support from the UN Security Council for a strong statement to "deplore" Iran's detention of 15 British naval crew members.

Instead, after tense negotiations, the council agreed on a watered-down statement expressing "grave concern" and calling for an early resolution of the problem, including the Britons' release.

Britain had wanted the council to "deplore" Iran's detention of the Britons, call for their immediate release, and state that they were seized in Iraqi waters, but Russia led objections from several members.

Earlier, a Western diplomat quoted Vitaly Churkin, the Russian ambassador, as telling the council that Moscow would "not be able to accept" the move.

Diplomats also reported that several Security Council members - including Russia, China, Indonesia and Qatar - said they had no way of independently ascertaining where the incident took place and were therefore wary of condemning it.

Britain says satellite data proves its 15 sailors and marines were seized last week in Iraqi waters. Iran has shown video footage of the capture and charts it says make clear the capture took place in Iranian waters."

Thanks to the late Sir Robin Cook, Blair needs to get a vote from Parliament before engaging in another war. I won't be surprised if those poor sods (the British sailors & marines) were purposely sent off course into Iranian waters to instigate such an action. All this wayang kulit (shadow play) by the British Government - out to con their people again. Please remember that the Israelis had planned to attack Lebanon long before those 2 soldiers were captured. America has long set out detailed plans on where to attack Iran and are waiting for an excuse to pull the trigger. Blair's hands are tied by lack of support from his people and is hoping that this incident would win him the backing he needs to embark on the American's latest adventure in the Middle East.

Unfortunately the Iranians are making a mockery of them by showing these British naval crew members on telly, eating and smoking away like they are attending some Hari Raya Open House.

I wonder what they are eating. Iranian food is delicious. Could be some Shish Kebabs, Badam June (however you spell it) or if they are really lucky, some Bhagalipolo....yummy. These chaps may not want to go back to boring ol' boiled beef & mash in Britain. Anyway the Iranian men and women are stunning looking - I really don't think they would want to leave Iran after this.

In her letter to her mom & dad, the female sailor said that they are fed 3 meals a day and have a constant supply of liquids. I think the Iranians feel that these westerners like free flowing drinks from what they observe in Burger King and Hard Rock Cafe. Its always a key advertising gimmick - we serve free flowing drinks.

This is the warship the naval crew were in. No wonder the Iranians were suspicious of their motives for being in their waters - or Iraqi waters whichever it was - they had no business being there.

So enjoy your kebabs guys before the Americans drop 500 tonnes of explosives and depleted uranium on you and fry all of you like they did to the Iraqis. What do they care about these British naval crew???

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