Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Saudi King calls US occupation of Iraq - "Illegitimate"

Finally!!!! The Saudi King speaks up at the Arab League summit in Riyadh. And he finally speaks out against the unjust United Nations blockade against the Palestinian people.

Its time we finally wake up and realise that the United Nations is no longer acting in the best interest of all but only a handful of countries who claim "You are either with us or you are a terrorist". If we don't agree with their views then we cannot be a part of their inner circle gentleman's club. In fact, even if we do agree with them, we still cannot belong to this elitist inner circle - the most we can achieve by agreeing with them is, at best, a few crumbs thrown our way plus our brief but deluded self assurance that they would not invade our country next and destroy our national heritage (if DBKL hasn't completed the job themselves).

Iran and the Captured British Sailors

Bravo to the Iranians! Don't mess with these fellas. I've got to give it to them at their style and what I perceive as their sense of humour - putting that female sailor in a headscarf with make up on and plaster her on national TV whilst smoking away to a backdrop of floral curtains. What kind of image is that??? I think they are trying to make her look like a contented suburbian wife, converted to Islam no doubt - hence the headscarf, but still unable to rid herself entirely of her bad western habits of wearing make up and smoking a ciggy. Ahh, the decadence of these white women... they seem to be showing to the Iranian public. I can't imagine anyone being captured as describing her captors as "hospitable" :).

The British government are "enraged" and the American government is "outraged"- Is that Howard fella going to out-outrage & out-enrage the other 2 to show his unwavering arse licking to them? He might just self explode in his apoplectic out-outrage. We hope so. The British claim they were not in Iranian waters but in Iraqi waters. They have no business being in either Iranian waters or Iraqi waters. American, British & Australian military personnel in the Middle East is to me, fair game. What about the Iranian diplomats the Americans captured in Iraq? Claiming they are spies. Iran can make the same claim against these bloody sailors. How dare they have the gall to be outraged over this. Then showing concern that the "confession" by the sailor that they have "trespassed into Iranian waters" may not be legitimate and was obtained "under duress". What about the "confessions" of the so-called Al Qaeda members detained in Guantanamo Bay and the "confessions" of the Iraqi "insurgents" in Abu Ghraib? Were these not obtained under extreme duress???? The Iraqi detainees whom I met said that they were forced to sign on a piece of paper with the black hoods covering their heads. Surely these are not letters to their mommees telling them that they are receiving hospitable treatment at the hands of the Americans and are getting 3 meals a day and a constant supply of fluids.

I have a message for that Bloody Liar Blair - do you know why none of us who are not in your inner circle "I'm-not-a-terrorist" club give a toss about your bloody sailors - because YOU and YOUR GOVERNMENT have done worse things to the people in the rest of the world. We are bloody tired of all of you pissing on us and getting away with it. If those sailors die, then You and Your Government are responsible for their deaths.

So ... way to go, you Iranians!! Show them what HELL is!


MSM said...

On the question of the captured British marines by the Iranian Navy, I believe she is being provoked by design to fire the first salvo thus providing a justification for United States and Britain to retaliate militarily on all of Iran's nuclear sites.

At the end of the day and with the current lunacy that is running the United States and Great Britain, it is just a matter of time before another Muslim country which is endowed with oil falls whilst a country such as North Korea can remain persistently defiant despite clear declarations by her Dear Leader that she not only possess tactical nuclear weapons but the desire to use them if attacked.

Let's pray that either prudence or Borat take over the prevailing insanity for the sake of peace and subjective humour.

the Anomaly said...

Borat reminds me of Australia's Prime Minister John Howard who has his nose perennially up Bush's arse. I suppose these people from the Bushland are fascinated with all forms of Bushes.

callisto113 said...

omg, i'm sooo with you, mate lol...